Invest With TRON FU
Minimum deposit amount is 10 TRX
Do not forget about blockchain fee! You should have 2-5 TRX more on your wallet, or your transaction will get out of energy status!
  • Minimum deposit amount: 10 TRX (no maximum limits)
  • We are working only with TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency
  • Your deposit will be activated immediatly after blockchain confirmation
  • You can find your investment details in "Investment Info" section
Wallet and Referral
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Investment Info
Your current daily profit:
Basic profit:
Contract bonus:
  • Total invested:
    0.00 TRX
  • Number of deposits:
  • Last deposit date:

  • Including referral commission transactions
  • Total earned:
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Available withdraw balance:
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Secure Investment With TRON FU
TRON FU is a smart contract based on the Tron blockchain. Once smart contract deployed, it can’t be edited by anyone no company or individual has any control over the funds and distribution, which means it’s made entirely for the people. Continue reading to see how TRON FU guarantees returns. Participants can rest assured that their funds are perfectly secure. TRON FU code is verified on tronscan.org and anyone can verify our platform’s honesty and integrity.
TRON FU smart contract generates 11% of daily ROI. You will get your dividends untill you reach 250% of your investment. TRON FU offers hold-bonus and contract-bonus as well. Although you can withdraw your dividends anytime you want, if you not withdraw for 24 hours, 0.1% will add to your daily ROI. If you not withdraw fo 10 days your daily ROI will be 12% and you will get 12% for these 10 days. after clicking on the withdraw button your hold-bonus will be reset.
TRON FU smart contract contains a feature that we call Contract-Bonus. When the contract balance reaches 1,000,000 trx, 0.1% will add to the basic daily percentage. For example if the contract balance reaches 10,000,000 trx, daily percentage will be 12%.TRON FU smart contract also has a 4-levels referral program. 8% for the first level and 2% for the second level, level 3 and level 4 are each 0.5% of your referral investment.
80% of the smart-contract deposits will remain for the investors payout. The rest is carefully distributed to keep TRON FU smart contract running and successful. 6% of the deposits will be reserved for promoting the project; 11% of the deposits will be given as referral rewards to ensure the contract meets new investors. 3% to cover our administrative costs, such as hosting, security, etc.
Main Contract Balance, Investor Payouts
80%Main Contract Balance, Investor Payouts
Referral Commissions
For Advertisers
Administration Fees
How To Join TRON FU?
How to get Tron and connect?
You can get TRX coins via popular exchangers.
You can use: TronLink browsers extensions, or TronWallet app.
Participate in TRON FU smart contract
Open tronfu.club in your Dapp browser and connect to the contract. Then you can start to invest in TRON FU

  • Minimum Investment:
    10 TRX
  • Maximum amount:
Open the website in a Dapp Browsers
Connect with your wallet app
Dividends every second
TRON FU smart-contract calculates your dividends every second and you can withdraw it anytime. Due to blockchain fee, it is recommended to withdraw after your dividend to 10 trx or so.

What is the referral program?
TRON FU smart-contract gives participant 4 levels of referral rewards.
8% - 2% - 0.5% - 0.5%.
Referral rewards will directly go to your wallet when you click on the withdraw button.
Withdraw Dividends
  • After clicking on the withdraw, dividends go to your wallet instantly.
  • Withdraw from the same wallet you deposited
  • After withdraw your dividends and referral rewards will come together in your wallet.
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